Held since 2007, the International Forum of Solid Waste — FIRS gained annual periodicity in 2013. In even years it has been carried out in its home state, Rio Grande do Sul, and in odd years it is itinerant. Organized by the Venturi Institute for Environmental Studies, the Forum has been attracting more and more institutions, forming a knowledge network in the area. Since its fourth edition, we have had the academic support of the University of Brasília — UnB and the University of Vale do Rio dos Sinos — Unisinos. In the current edition, we also have the Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná - UTFPR.

In the last three years, under the academic coordination of the Polytechnic School of Unisinos, the submission of scientific papers has been growing in number and quality, thus promoting the exchange between scientific production and public and private investors to motivate the emergence of new technology-based companies.

FIRS has established itself as an important technical and scientific event held in Brazil on issues related to solid waste. It presents a broad view of the subject, ranging from academic studies to governmental and business views. Its main goal is to contribute to the creation of a space for the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of waste management, cleaner production and life cycle assessment. Another major goal is the establishment of a market for the recycling and recovery of waste by transforming it into an added-value co-product and incorporating the diffusion of policies and programs that will promote sustainable commercial relations.